I am ever-evolving. I don’t like myself right now. I plan to change that… here’s to me actually following through on something.

Christian. I feel like putting Christ-ish, but I don’t feel worthy of that just yet. So let’s just sum it up by saying Christ follower.

I’m very judgmental. I used to be ridiculously empathetic, but it hurt too much and so I’ve closed off a lot of my emotional capacity as a defense mechanism. It’s made me kind of bitchy. This is one of the reasons I am not quite Christ-ish.

I have a sick addiction to entertaining people.

I want to fall. But mostly, I want to be caught.

Musical Tastes – Shakira, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Iron & Wine, Muse, Switchfoot, Phil Collins [Tarzan soundtrack], Coldplay, All-American Rejects. And then an eclectic array of singles ranging from Sea Wolf to DMX to Dierks Bentley. Spotifyyyy me Spotifyyyy me (Immigrants!)

I love too much too soon. I conform to my objects of affection. So far, I’ve only loved certain versions of people, not the whole, which makes it not really love at all. I treasure comfort. I procrastinate. I see things perfectly and get so disappointed in the reality that I quit. I hope no one ever reads this.


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