Who the Fuck do I think I am?

Can someone please tell me? Because I do not know.

I define myself according to others. I shape myself in light of their likes and dislikes. I cannot be unaffected.

I want to be unaffected. I want to be alone.

No I don’t.

Yes I do!

I want to be a freakin’ island. I want to move through space and time without regard to those around me.

I want to be solitary.

Well. I at least want my perception and conviction and state of being to not be dependent on other people. I’d really like for that to be the case.

I need some new… something. Someones. I hate the shallow but I fear the deep. Where does that leave me? Waist high in a load of shit, seems like.

Whatever. I shall push this down, down, down and move along. When all I’ve got to keep is strong.


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