I really like finding the precise word to convey my intended message. It’s fun.

There are so many words that are null because of society’s overuse.

That’s the reason I really strive to not use the word love to describe a strong like or affinity or to impulsively show my approval of something.

Love is a sacred word representing a sacred, transcendent thing. It’s not for restaurant specials or types of nail polish. It is set apart.

I do not reserve the same special treatment for the word hate. I use that one multiplicitly (and I think I made that word up but I don’t care, I just takes what it wants), as I have a much larger capacity and penchant for hate than I have for love.

But that’s not quite right. I have a deep well of love within me. Perhaps I mean that my love is not so widespread as my hate. Where my hate is fickle, shallow, and wide reaching, my love will be dished out in heaping helpings to less than a handful of subjects. I am stingy with my love.


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