The Dream. And others.

I dreamt of him. And like an idiot I didn’t write it down at waking.

But it involved us being in a camper together and him coming to my house and my Grammy serving non-kosher food and me being really concerned about him and him being okay with it.



Update days later: When it rains it pours, because I had two others. Dipshit me doesn’t remember one, but the other was in a hospital and he was criticizing/flirting (and i literally just thought ‘nah, the flirting was probably all in my head’ when i’m thinking about a fucking dream here. i mean, how sad is it that i have to logicalize and talk myself down from thinking that a dream him was actually flirting with me because that would never actually happen. WHEN IT SO VERY OBVIOUSLY PROBABLY DID IN “REAL” LIFE and no i’m not explaining the quotes. fuck, i’m exhausting.) with me, and there was a playpen somewhere at some point, and then a mall and streakers and soccer where the black team (people, not jerseys. and no i’m not racist i hate all people equally) was cheating out of bounds, and then we were lifted in a circle one person away from each other but touching arms kind of. And not lifted like victory or Bar Mitzvah, but like crowd surfing standing still and in a chaise lounge type of position, all of our feet facing each other. Yeah, I’m weird. I got the memo quite a while ago.


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