Things I Thought Today.

Why am I dreaming of Flip?

Get off my favorite band, hobag.

You don’t know what I know.

You suck like a Dyson. But no one would buy you because you stink.


Sometimes I get so weird, I even freak myself out.

Mine. MINE. Mine?

My nails look great! … I have to pee. -___-

This pimple looks like a beauty mark so I gonna go with it.

I like that wallpaper.

Ima drifting.

Charlie skipped my birth day.

I use thought to not participate in life.

Nomz cheese and black beans!

The toys were sticky. Sticky.

I’m sew hip and fresh!


Fat fingers ):

Lost… NOT gonna tell Tina.


Really? You call me? Really?

I sing well when I can scream it.

I dig the Conan bangs a little.

Lemme do it! (Stewart’s serious voice)

I’m a werewolf.

Tape… On my shoulders… Does not make me happyyyyy.


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