i write lyrics

when my emotions are awry.

there are some good ones that come out of slightly traumatizing emotional discoveries… but most of those are just angst/hate/pus-filled bubotubers of songs.

a lot are good when i do this: 1. get mad/confused/angry/hurt about something. 2. stew in the misery/angst for a while. 3. turn it around all logical-like so i’m able to call myself an idiot for being so immature and touchy. 4. ditch that explanation and go back to angstyness. 5. listen to inspiring/related music… RHCP a lot of the time recently. 6. let a few lines or even just one pop in my head. 7. open up my handy dandy Notepad document and Page Dn to the appropriate spot. 8. write my little separating line of ———-s and then that one line. 9. halfway detach myself from the emotion to think of rhyme scheme, rhythm, other rhy-words (Johnathan Rhys Meyers counts), but also keep a leg in the angst pool to keep the lyrics grounded in real emotion… if Need absolutely be, make up a little to move the verse into the chorus. 10. gettagetting on the song writing.

not that anyone cares… i just wanted to say something about my lyrics without actually posting them because if some lonely, pale, internet troller happend upon this post, i wouldn’t want them getting famous from my  words full of blood, sweat, and mostly tears. not that they’re even that good. or that anyone would even read this.

in case someone does and is insulted i called them both nonexistent and pale, please enjoy this scientific graph.


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