I just realized, reading Agamemnon in the bathroom, that I don’t like reading to learn. I like reading for enjoyment, and through the enjoyableness of the reading learn a lesson.

That is where I have failed in my approach to reading the Bible. I am chagrined to admit this, but I’d much rather pick up the Goblet of Fire than read through a chapter of Galatians. It’s just that I pick up the Bible thinking, “OK, get a life lesson out of this to apply to your behavior immediately. IMMEDIATELY.” I associate reading the Bible with setting goals for myself that I often do not reach and therefore feel little and disappointing and “of this world.” Reading Harry Potter doesn’t put such a burden on me. I just like reading those. AND they hold some Biblical truths in them and point my thoughts towards Christ even inadvertently (spelling?).

I don’t know… I just feel bad for choosing to read 4 Harry Potter books in the last few weeks rather than crack open my Bible or read one of the 92 unopened Rick Warren devotionals that are clogging up my inbox.

I just like not knowing that I need to do better! That is lazy and low and I am TOTALLY a blue pill person.

Actually though, I wouldn’t be. I would prefer if Orpheus never stuck his nose in my gooey-battery-pod life and just let me be. But if he asked me which I would take, I’d have to red pill it. Once I knew something was up, I wouldn’t be able to resist.

But the whole not wanting to be nudged out of my comfortable existence is troubling. That totally makes me the small characters in the movies that are just ‘tra la la-ing’ through life, and don’t get to be the super cool butt-kicking protagonist. Then again, most protagonists are ‘tra la la-ers’ before something wrecks their life. And I’m sure most of them, at least until the happy, sunny, Hans Zimmer-orchestrated end scene, would like to just go back to the mundane than be in mortal peril every two minutes.

Whatevs… gotta go read Agamemnon and Ajax. And learn the Greek language. Oy.

I’ll probably end up HP movie marathoning…


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