I’m a Pro.

At Crastinating.

Here are a few lovely tidbits I’ve found along the way of not studying for my three finals tomorrow (one’s @ 8am. woo) or writing two of three papers due tomorrow. I got one done… quidditch vs. soccer. it’s golden unadulterated awesome. and also one page long.

And yeah, I’m center-orienting. Sniff it.

PS click on the pictures to really see them… I accidentally did a gallery and I don’t want to figure it out right now.

PPS if that ‘secure’ window pops up, go on, live a little and press no. walk on the wild side with me, ladies and gents.








Also, some enchanting lyrics to In the Hall of the Mountain King.

Never heard it? Yes you have. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrIYT-MrVaI

(The troll-courtiers): Slagt ham! Kristenmands søn har dåret.
Dovregubbens veneste mø!
Slagt ham!
Slagt ham!
(a troll-imp): Må jeg skjære ham i fingeren?
(another troll-imp): Må jeg rive ham i håret?
(a troll-maiden): Hu, hej, lad mig bide ham i låret!
(a troll-witch with a ladle): Skal han lages til sod og sø?
(another troll-witch, with a butcher knife): Skal han steges på spid eller brunes i gryde?
(the Mountain King): Isvand i blodet!


Slay him! The Christian’s son has bewitched
The Mountain King’s fairest daughter!
Slay him!
Slay him!
May I hack him on the fingers?
May I tug him by the hair?
Hu, hey, let me bite him in the haunches!
Shall he be boiled into broth and bree to me
Shall he roast on a spit or be browned in a stewpan?
Ice to your blood, friends!

Charming, no?


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