That looks Boring down there…

I should figure out how to put pictures. because I have quite a few little gems hidden in all that text, both riddikulusly funny and inspirational and profound [did three… so doesn’t match both… what’s the ‘both’ form of ‘thrice’?]

Riddikulus… see how i alluded there?

I stumble[d]upon (yeah, like with the site another blog that I’ve seen a few times in the past. It’s . She uses MS Paint to its fullest hilarity potential [PS if i had the misfortune of producing a female byproduct of my uterus and some man’s gift of life, and Lillian Sparrow and Dani California were no longer favorable names to me, i’d name that kid Hilarity. So it’s kind of like Hillary, but not so plain and stupid and Duff-related. no offense, Lizzie McGuire, but all offense and more to all subsequent roles played by that actress.] Anywayz, back to Allie Brosch (i did FB creep her but didn’t want to add her because that would be stepping over the creep line into stalker territory. even though she lives in Wisconsin… or somewhere like that, i don’t really know or anything…). She’s very funny. Gifted in prose writing and wonderful punctuation of her storyline with these little comic strips. i’d say they’re badly drawn because of the lack of finesse, but she conveys Exactly the right emotions and movements and thought processes in the pictures, and that makes it art in itself. not to go all ‘artsy fartsy emo’ on you, it’s just true.

Excellent sample of her illustrative powers. This is a defensive mechanism against awkward close talkers.

Also, how ticked can you get from the ‘ being so close to the Enter button. I’m reaching .3 on the 1.0 scale. shouldn’t let that kind of stuff get to me.

I drank coffee Sunday night/Monday morning to stay up all the nocturnal hours to study the Iliad. And by study, I mean read anything and everything that Sparknotes had to offer on the subject. Ok, just the summaries and the analyses [correct plural?]. Ok, just a few of those analyses. BUT i did read the ENTIRE first two books of the epic AND the foreword summary thing by Robert Fagles. BOOM. ACADEMIA.

I made a 74. That class is impossible.

My extensive knowledge of this movie was less than helpful.

But the coffee made me a little manic. I do believe that’s where a couple of the posts prior to this came from… anyway, i was in the house alone (sister moved for big-girl job) and making lots of weird noises, and shaking a little bit, also singing and talking to inanimate objects more than usual. I guess that’s from going from not drinking any coffee ever/drinking about a soda a month/generally not being a very excitable person to drinking three cups of coffee which i made by basically dumping half a Folger’s can into a filter and filling the pot to seven cups (which, after steam etc. got widdled down to five). So, there I was, bloodshot-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to kick Aegean butt and take Trojan names (not Paris’ though, he is a vagina). After classes, I slept from 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Meh.

Gnarls Barkley. Cee Lo Green. Same person. Mind blown.

Ok onto the picture-putter-finding-quest. Before I go to an officer meeting and eat pizza with pi phis. that’s catchy, no? should’ve been a good enough excuse for shirts. and they could have had one that said tangled with theta. not a very good alliteration, but it works. anything to plaster neon rubberplastic designs on cheap scratchy Ts for $12.95. Frat hard, ladies. Frat hard. (:

Omgsh, there’s totes a tiny button at the top. Totes obvious. Totes. Bestes with testes. [i don’t have any, just quoting… moving right along] OK SO NOW THE ABOVE POST WILL BE PUNCUATED WITH IMAGERY AND MAGICAL WONDERNESSICALIOCITY. ENJOY. (:

I tried to say I’d be there.


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