What i got, i gotta get it, put it in you.

My life right now… Sing. Reading Scar Tissue. Sister moving out. SCHOOLWORK BLARFGH. Camp job [oo ooo!]. Thinking about the future. Let’s break this down.

Sing is a year away about, but I already feel behind. I am anxious to turn in a theme so I can know all the energy and thought I am putting into it is going to reach an end. I really don’t know what my emotional response will be if someone else gets some of our songs or, heavens to Betsy i hope not our theme. if someone else gets it and performs it, ughhhhhh i don’t – i guess if they do it well i’ll probably deal better than if they eff it up. because, early on in the Sing process, i was totally sold on a Circus act. then KOT did it. and they did it well. so, i was much more ok with it than i thought. but anyway, i just want to have a definite direction, and then the gears will start moving a little more efficiently.

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis (with Larry Sloman). He’s the Red Hot Chili Peppers lead man. I need to return this book before school ends, and i’m only to Funky Monks. Gotta get ta gettin’. I’m also trying to read through a borrowed copy of Chamber of Secrets and Moody editions of Sorcerer’s Stone (check), Azkaban, and some tiddlybit books about Quidditch and Fantastical Beasts. All the while, I’m putting off reading the Iliad, over which i have a exam on Monday. And I should be conjugating Greek middle-voice verbs now too. But I’m not… obviously.

Emily left today about an hour ago. She’s off to grown-up things, a steady job, office shoes, etc. I’m very happy for her. This move came at an optimum time as well. Her crap-face significant pain in the butt is finally out of the picture. She saw the light, as they say, and realized how much better she is than him and without him. However, he does still live down the street from me, and i’m not completely against coating his car with lethal peanut butter if he steps one squinty-eyed, pees in our backyard, emotional dipstick toe out of line again. Anyway, enough about that meaningless oxygen to CO2 converter. Emily is off to the real world, and I think she’ll do splendidly there. First stop, San Antonio. Next stop, CEO of the world.

School. I mentioned briefly above the many things I should be doing now in the hour before i go tutor instead of writing this. But whatevs to academic achievement [and to emphasize that point, I may have misspelled achievement]. I have a Greek Mythology exam tomorrow, a Greek language quiz tomorrow, a studio project script I haven’t finalized yet, a Philosophy reflection due Tuesday (not to mention the giant paper and reflections reflection due in a couple of weeks). I haven’t been keeping up with my Thoreau reading… because really? I just… no. I like reading, but not that kind. I have three HPs, and i need to google-answer some questions for weight training, read some articles for aerobics, and decide between group presentation or written exam for soccer. I’m leaning towards group so that (fingers crossed) i could get in the group with hotty-tot-tot Channing Tatum look-a-like. But really, he doesn’t look a lot like him, just has the soccer persona of Duke Orsino. And his real name isn’t very sexy so I like to call him Channing. Let’s see, what else am I procrastinating about? Umm, well I have my mom coming in next week to take me and a good percentage of my belongings home for Easter, and those belongings are nowhere near packed. And I am just in a general state of denial/not-knowing-nor-caring state about my academics. I have to keep a 3.0 for my scholarship, but i was GPA calculating the other day, and I can make As in my HPs, an A in English, and then make Bs and Cs for my other classes, and I’m fine. I’ll probably end up being a sleep-deprived eager beaver come final time, and make above that though. But who knows… last spring I watchd 5 seasons of the Office during finals week. Of course that was an accidental 13-hour semester.

Camp job. Woo videography. Got a call from one of my superiors there, and he wanted me to come up one day during the week in April to shoot some knights and dragons battle scenes. I was all ‘yeah, man. i’m down.’ but i hope he calls me to confirm a set day soon so i can plan around it. i am quite the busy girl, dontcha know? not really… i just don’t want the off-chance of the official Sing chair meeting that i have been angsting about all semester to conflict. that would suck and i need some wood to knock on. done.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr_uHJPUlO8 sorry for the gay inconvenient advertisement. i guess youtube gotsta make money somehow.

adios. off to awkwardness and history.


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