Jan. 8, 2011

I never knew how people could just go on and on and on and on about themselves in blogs. I don’t even like the word blog. I always had this preconcieved notion that they were just full enough of themselves to think that people really cared about what they thought and did every friggin’ second of everyday. And maybe it is like that for some. But I’m realizing that this writing isn’t really about an audience. It’s about getting all the junk whirling around in your head down on paper.. cyber paper, just to declutter sometimes. Or to get it out and be able to hold it up and look at it clearly instead of in a jumbled up train of thought, like how you will take stuff out of those giant junk bins in Goodwill. It’s an internal thing with an external outlet.

Yay more understanding and brain expansion.

No more posts tonight. This is ridiculous.

July 10, 2011 – Second Lightbulb

It’s like a Muggle Pensieve!


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